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Wife of WGN-TV Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo



Amy Tomasulo Faces Rare Pain Disorder



 Dina Bair Medical Reporter for WGN-TV 


Dear Supporter:  


Imagine waking up one day to what feels like someone stabbing you repeatedly in the face, each strike more intense than the last- in your forehead, your jaw, your eye, your lips, your mouth. Then the shocks start coming- what feel like volts of electricity coursing through one side of your face. And when the storm quiets, and the stabbing stops, you're left with a dull, aching pain that persists until the next attack, leaving you vulnerable to any trigger- a simple breeze, a light touch, a bite of food, a kiss from a loved one . . .


That's what life has been like every day for my wife, Amy, since 2001.


Amy is one of roughly 400,000 people in the US who suffers from TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (tri-GEM-uh-nul nuh-RAL-zhuh), a nerve disorder doctors classify as one of the worst pains known to mankind. Others simply call it "the suicide disease." Trigeminal neuralgia strikes without warning, there are few truly effective treatments, and it is absolutely incurable.


That's why on January 15th, 2015, I will be hosting "Laugh Your Face Off," a comedy fundraiser to benefit The Facial Pain Research Foundation ( The show will be at The Laugh Factory (3175 N. Broadway) in the East Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, and feature performances from myself, Chicago comedians Pat McGann (The Late Show with David Letterman), Mike Toomey (HBO, WGN Morning News), and other special guests. There will also be food, great raffle prizes and much more. All money raised will go directly to The Facial Pain Research Foundation.


This is one of the few groups in America funding research for a CURE, and they're getting close. There's the group in Florida working to repair the fragile nerve coating , the group of international doctors trying to decipher the role of DNA, and the doctor in California using stem cells to rebuild and repair the nerve. If succesful, these therapies have the potential to impact not just those who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, but those who suffer from ANY nerve pain.


I'm hoping you will be interested in joining us as a sponsor for "Laugh Your Face Off." If none of our packages are a fit, we can work with you to find something more suitable. And if you have any additional questions, I invite you to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Thanks so very much. 



Pat Tomasulo







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One Hour of Research Costs $125.00

Success in answering critical questions about the role of genes in TN and other

nerve-related facial pains relies on private support. Here are ways in which donors

at all levels can join The Facial Pain Research Foundation in finding a solution:

  • Support full expenses of one patient      in the study:     $1,770
  • Pay for the genotyping of one research      participant:    1,100
  • Help with the phenotyping costs for      one participant:     600
  • DNA extraction from one person’s      saliva samples           40
  • Pay for saliva kit & shipping cost      for one participant      30


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