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The Facial Pain Research Foundation


Is reprinting the Obituary of


 Leila Arthur Cilker 


A wonderful benefactor of our scientific research





Leila Arthur Cilker April 2, 1919

-July 11, 2014




 Dearest Lee, 


You were Bill's lifelong sweetheart. Loving mother to Beth, Bill Jr., Carl and Noelle. "Dede" and "Grandma Lee" to your adoring grandchildren and their own kids.Cheeky "outlaw"  together  with  your  children's  spouses.  Each of us  was  your  favorite. Each of us misses you  dearly.


Your  story  began  with  your  own  parents,  George  and  Jane  Keyston  Arthur, whose family  trades  were  building  homes,  banking  and,  following  the  Gold  Rush,  Keyston Brothers' leather  crafting  business.  Your  older  brothers  James,  Albert  and  Noel teased and spoiled  you  shamelessly. Born in San Francisco, you were  raised in San Mateo and later  graduated from  Stanford  University where  you  had  met  your  Bill. World War II placed  the two of you in different  parts of the country; you worked with the Red Cross entertaining  smitten soldiers at social events when  they returned  to U.S. soil. Soon after, you took a job at Time magazine in San Francisco, and then Bill wrote you from Detroit. It wasn't  long until the  two of you returned to one  another.  As a newly married  couple you set your  roots in Los Gatos; at the time you were  unsure  about  leaving the city for such a rural place.


Twins were  born- Beth and Bill, Jr. Then  came Carl, and  later  Noelle. You grounded your home with heart; warmly supporting, happily entertaining, and welcoming  all. Your busy  young family knew  you to always be a lady - well-mannered, impeccably  coiffed and  dressed  with a sparkling  smile. You were the most elegant woman  in the room  yet unafraid to get dirty. Starting Cilker Orchards  with Bill, you were responsible  for the 'cot cutting shed  and helped  him drive the tractors. Always his partner  in both business  and family, he upheld  and trusted  your input above  all.


Your family was your  absolute  treasure  and  number  one  priority. You  greeted  us  all with the most excited "Hi, Honey!", engaged  everyone in joyful laughter and knew when to simply listen. And if your children  were  the apples  of your  eye,  your grandchildren were  the stars  in them.  Each of your  "Top  Ten" had  a unique  tradition  or  inside  joke with you, and  each felt that twinkle in your eye was  for him or her alone.


Together  with  Bill, you  enjoyed  your  homes  away in Napili Kai and  the Tahoe cabin. Loyal to your  friends,  you  cherished  time  with  your  beloved  PEO sisters,  investment club,  and  countless  social gatherings.  You  loved  crosswords,  arranged  exquisite  floral arrangements, tied the fluffiest ribbons  and  delighted in surprising the unsuspecting with your dribble  glass and peanut  brittle can filled with a spring-loaded snake.


We are  eternally grateful  to your  gentle  caregivers. Our deep  thanks  go to Stephanie Goodrich,  your steadfast  advocate  and  loving friend for so  many years.


Thank you for keeping  the noisy candy dish fully stocked  and the dinner  bell ready for little hands  to gong. For your beautiful  notes, thoughtful  gifts, and  mint in your special iced  tea. For sidelong  glances followed  by  beaming  grins. Witty replies  and  gentle  encouragement exactly when  and  how  we needed them. You valued  each  of your  family members  as individuals  and  were unwaveringly  confident  in all of us. 

Thank  you  for a life filled with laughter,  family and  love.  We keep  your  heart within each  of ours.


Loving you always, Your family 


Leila is survived by her loving husband William Hamilton Cilker, Sr., children  Elizabeth Cilker Smith (Kenton), William  Cilker, Jr. (Elizabeth), Carl Cilker (Kathleen), and  Noelle Cilker Henderson (David), grandchildren Keyston  (Amanda), Bradford (Daneen), Karyn (Justin),  Noel (Allen), Leila Noelle, Janine  (Keith), Cynthia  (Daniel),  Meredith, Gregory (Christie), and James, great-grandchildren Keyston Noah, Alanna, Carrick, Leila, Gabriel, Tate,  Madison, Scarlett, and  brand  new  baby  Lily.   Preceded  in  death  by  her  parents, brothers,  and  grandson  Benjamin. 



William H. and Leila Cilker



Make $500,000 Matching Gift To 



The Facial Pain Research Foundation








William and Leila Cilker of California are donating $500,000.00 of matching money for The Facial Pain Research Foundation’s genetic research project to find a cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN).  For every dollar raised for research by the Facial Pain Research Foundation the Cilker’s will match dollar for dollar up to $500,000.00.



The genetics project “In Search Of  A Cure: Finding The Genes That Predispose to Trigeminal Neuralgia” is the fourth project initiated by the Facial Pain Research Foundation in a quest to cure trigeminal neuralgia and other neuropathic pain within ten years.



 Defects in one or several genes, if found, could provide targets for designing customized drugs or perhaps treatment through gene therapy, which is gaining momentum in the U.S. and is newly approved in Europe.  The Principal Investigators of the project are Prof. Marshall Devor of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor Kim Burchiel of the Oregon Health & Science University and Professor Ze’ev Seltzer of the University of Toronto.



William and Leila Cilker and their family have been longtime supporters of TNA: The Facial Pain Association.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Cilker-Smith is a former member of the Board of Directors and is presently the West Coast Coordinator of The Facial Pain Research Foundation.  The Cilker Family are committed to supporting the Foundation in its efforts to find a cure for TN to alleviate the pain it causes and to end its extreme debilitating effects.



The Trustees of The Facial Pain Research Foundation are very thankful for the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Cilker and their Family. The Trustees have named the Foundation’s Genetics Research Project “The William H. and Leila A. Cilker Genetics Research Program to Find a Cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia”.










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One Hour of Research Costs $125.00

Success in answering critical questions about the role of genes in TN and other

nerve-related facial pains relies on private support. Here are ways in which donors

at all levels can join The Facial Pain Research Foundation in finding a solution:

  • Support full expenses of one patient      in the study:     $1,770
  • Pay for the genotyping of one research      participant:    1,100
  • Help with the phenotyping costs for      one participant:     600
  • DNA extraction from one person’s      saliva samples           40
  • Pay for saliva kit & shipping cost      for one participant      30


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