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Board of Trustees 


The Facial Pain Research Foundation


Jay Weiner, Douglas Anderson, Suzanne N. Grenell, Michael Pasternak, Myron A. Hirsch, Elizabeth Cilker Smith

Roger L. Levy, Pat Tomasulo


International Science Meeting 


March 8 thru 10, 2017


Gainesville Florida


 Founding Trustees


Myron A. Hirsch, Ph.B., an author, editor and book publisher, founded Whitehall Printing Company

(a book manufacturer) in 1959.  The company prints thousands of books each year, including

educational books on neuropathic facial pain for patients and their families, as well as health-care

professionals. Hirsch also is editor-in-chief and publisher for Collage Books Inc. He is championing

efforts to find a cure out of passionate concerns for his wife, Harriet, who experienced a return of

trigeminal neuralgia in August 2010 after enjoying many pain-free years resulting from a Gamma

Knife® procedure. He is a former president of the TNA-FPA, and was an active board member

for 8 years. He and Harriet live in Naples Florida. Today Harriet is again pain-free.


Roger L. Levy, Esq., LLM, AIFA®, is a former attorney now serving as CEO of Cambridge

Fiduciary Services LLC, a fiduciary consulting firm based in Scottsdale, AZ. Educated in England,

he practiced law in London and was a partner in Taylor & Humbert, one of Englands oldest law

firms, before immigrating to the United States in 1975 where he joined Saul Ewing Remick & Saul

in Philadelphia. He holds a Masters degree from Temple Law School. Levy became an international

spokesperson for the cause of trigeminal neuralgia for a compelling personal reason. For eight years,

he suffered in a wilderness of painthat shut down his career and forced him into a dark corner

of silence. When his pain was finally ended in 1997 through microvascular decompression surgery,

he became an active volunteer with the TNA-FPA and Chairman of its Board from 2000 to 2013.

He has continually championed the need to find a cure. He and his wife, Maddie, live in Scottsdale.


Michael Pasternak, Ph.D., an entrepreneur who co-founded the worlds largest retail hosiery

company, started a Trigeminal Neuralgia Association support group in Nashville, Tenn. after

suffering with trigeminal neuralgia. He later left the corporate world and became a board member

and subsequently president of the TNA-FPA. He coordinated the associations early national

conferences for health professionals and patients, and helped it develop patient materials,

support groups and a patient registry. Prior to his business career, he served as a professor

at Vanderbilt University, the University of North Carolina and Michigan State University where

he taught courses in Understanding and Improving Organizations and Leadership. Pasternak

underwent successful microvascular decompression surgery for TN in 1992, and remains

pain-free today. He and his wife, Sherrilyn, live in Gainesville Florida.  As a Founding Trustee

of The Facial Pain Research Foundation Michael is focused full-time on the Foundation’s

research, fund-raising, and organizational activities.  Michael and his wife Sherrilyn enjoy

their ten grandchildren, agility dogs, and travel.





Douglas K. Anderson, Ph.D., Eminent scholar professor and chairman emeritus of neuroscience

at the University Of Florida, College Of Medicine (UFCOM) and McKnight Brain Institute (MBI).

  As Director of Research of the Facial Pain Research Foundation (FPRF) Dr. Anderson has

been responsible for setting the research priorities of the FPRF by selecting five diverse,

novel projects to fill out its research portfolio.  Dr. Anderson is known for his pioneering

laboratory research that led to the nations first implantation of human embryonic nerve tissue

in eight patients with a specific complication of spinal cord injury in order to establish the safety

and feasibility of nerve tissue transplantation in humans.  Prior to his transplantation studies,

 Dr. Anderson contributed significantly to the development of the first frontline medication for

acute spinal cord injury. A graduate of Michigan State University, he was selected to be

 a senior research career scientist with the Department of Veterans Affairs in addition to

serving 10 years as chairman of the Department of Neuroscience at the UFCOM and interim

executive director of the MBI for a year prior to his retirement.  He and his wife, Beth, live

in Gainesville, FL. and in Carmel, IN.


Suzanne N. Grenell, MBA, is a creative writer, poet, motivational speaker, and author of

several inspirational books, including End The Pain; Neuropathic Facial Pain Expressions

and Impressions. She became an active volunteer in helping others after suffering with

trigeminal neuralgia for a dozen years, and overcoming two bouts with breast cancer. She

is now pain-free, cancer-free and medicine-free. After earning a Master of Education degree

at the University of Minnesota and an MBA at Arizona State, she taught high school social

sciences for six years and served in worldwide positions with Intel Corporation for 23 years.

She is a former member of the TNA-FPA Board of Directors, and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.


Elizabeth Cilker Smith is recently retired after 25 years at Cilker Orchards. There she

served as Vice President assisting with the development of commercial, residential and

office development in Silicon Valley, California. During that time she organized the Town

of Los Gatos business Boulevard Community Alliance, served on the General Plan

Committee, presided as President of Los Gatos Rotary and was a member of various

nonprofit boards.

After suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for 6 years she had a successful micro- vascular

decompression surgery.  Since then her passion is to help others so no one suffers the

traumatic pain that afflicted her. She served as Secretary of Trigeminal Neuralgia Association

and later became the West Coast Coordinator of FPRF.  Through her parents, she facilitated

the donation of the William H. and Leila Cilker grant to the DNA Genetic Research Project. 

Elizabeth holds a MA in Education, serves on the Cilker Orchards Management Corporation

Board, and the West Valley Community College Advisory Board for the Bill and Leila Cilker

School of Art and Design.  


Pat Tomasulo is the Sports Anchor and Reporter on the WGN Morning News.  He joined

WGN-TV in June 2005.  Prior to coming to WGN-TV he was a Sports Reporter and Anchor

in Buffalo, New York and in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  In August of 2009, Pat was voted one

of the top five broadcasters chosen to sit alongside Kelly Ripa as co-host to

Live with Regis & Kellyas part of a nationwide promotion. He was also one of the hosts of

Shaq Vs,a nationally televised reality show featuring basketball superstar Shaquille ONeal. 

Pat and Amy Tomasulo have raised over $500,000 at three “Laugh Your Face Off”  comedy

fund-raisers benefiting The Facial Pain Research Foundation at the Chicago Laugh Factory. 

100% of the proceeds were donated to The Facial Pain Research Foundation. Pat Tomasulo,

the event's host and one of the scheduled comedic performers, has personal experience with

the disease as his wife, Amy, has suffered from its devastating effects for years.


Jay Winerindependent marketing/public relations consultant and fund-raiser, formerly served

as executive director of public relations and community affairs for The Grove Park Inn Resort

and Spa in Asheville, N.C. He achieved over 50 national television specials and print feature

stories as well as regional and local news coverage, resulting in over $15 million in advertising

value equivalency. He worked with his wife, Maddy, to book popular entertainers and direct over

100 theatrical and concert stage events. He is a leading supporter of historical resources,

National Historic Trust and the humane society in the Asheville area. Jay has provided volunteer

services to the TNA-FPA for twelve years. Although not affected by facial pain, he gained

compassion for people in pain when he heard their stories and talked with them while videotaping

a series of national TNA conferences led by his friend, Michael Pasternak. Jay said he became

hooked on the cause of finding a way to bring relief to men, women and children struggling with

terrible pain. He and his wife, Maddy, have homes in Asheville and Indialantic, FL. 


 Former Trustees


Jean Raymond is retired after working over 25 years in computer programming, software design,

network architecture, database management and tracking systems. Jean has rendered technical support for

companies such as Western Electric, Digital Equipment Corp. and Dartmouth College/Dartmouth

Medical School. She has served on TNA-FPA Board of Directors since 2010. Jean was appointed

to the FPRF Board of Trustees to serve as liaison with the TNA-FPA board. She lives in Middlebury, VT.



In Memoriam 


Albert Rhoton, Jr. 1932-2016 


World Neurosurgeon of the Year Albert Rhoton, Jr., MD., was a Facial Pain

Research Foundation (FPRF) Trustee.


He had treated over 3,000 patients with trigeminal neuralgia and related

neuropathic pain before he retired and became the inspiration for the FPRF’s

cure research projects. His guidance and vision was evident when he proclaimed

the founding of The Facial Pain Researth Foundaion was




In March, 2013 He said “it is time to find a cure!” and the Foundation’s


International Consortium of renowned scientists moved forward. 




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