I came across this website friday 29th June 2012. I have been researching
for around two years now in regards to what could be the cause of my sons sudden pain in his cheek and forehead. My son is called riley, around the age of two riley started with funny episodes where he would get facial pain in his cheek and head. This made him sick on several occasions, he would also sleep for sometime after the episodes. 

Riley has been under his paediatrician since they started who thought possible seizures was the cause. Riley has had EEG, ECH metabolic blood tests and urine samples. All were reported as satisfactory. Riley's last appointment was on Monday 11th June 2012 which his paediatrician left us with no answers and asked us just to keep my son off his wii and see how he goes. He was also discharged, so we was still left in the dark. On Friday 29th of June riley woke crying in pain around 11pm we gave him paracetamol. He cried for around 30-40 minutes, in pain holding his cheek.

Asked me "mum why does this keep happening to me" his voice desperate for answers. Riley was 5 in January, this has gone on for some time now and we are still left with no answers. Having to explain to my 5 year old son that I don't know is just not the answer. I sat frantically trying to research Riley's symptoms on the Friday night. I came across this site where I found a story called Emily's story. Emily's story sounds exactly the same as Riley's.

Riley's and Emily's symptoms are very much the same. I have now written to my sons paediatrician with details so hopefully they can look into TN, I would appreciate any information or advice you can give me. I'm desperate for some answers as I can't stand seeing my son like this any longer.

Thank you for taking your time to read my email.