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First Published May 18, 2011




Brent Maher and Moraine Music Group of Nashville, TN have volunteered to become
Corporate Partners with The Facial Pain Research Foundation to find a cure for
trigeminal neuralgia and related neuropathic pain.
Maher says “I feel lucky to create music...and I feel blessed to have worked with
many great songwriters and performers but mIllions of people arenʼt so lucky...
They have tormenting pain that is depressing, agonizing and life taking...We at
Moraine Music are going to do everything we can to help the Foundation to find a
cure. We are committed.
Brent and Dianna Maher, Moraineʼs President, are working with Michael Pasternak and
the Foundation to plan fundraising activities to support our research. They will include a
number of songwriter and performer events and benefits. They are also involved in
creating public service announcements and other Foundation awareness materials and
videos. A video has already been “shot” of Brent and Michael in the Moraine studio and
is being edited for viewing on this webnewspaper.
Moraineʼs publication library includes over 10,000 selections. Eventually, you will be
able to purchase and download their hits on this webnewspaper with the proceeds
going to support our research to find a cure.
Visit Moraine at and you will be able
to hear the music and learn more about Brent and some of the songwriters and
They are very excited about their commitment to finding a cure...and so are we!!

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