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Face To Face Web Interview with Kay Kielhofer


On May 19, 2011, at 8:18 AM, Bob Kielhofer wrote:

Dear Editor

Top of the morning to you….just touching base. I have been watching the web site and from here it seems to be progressing very nicely. There are some really horrible stories out there which will be better shared and consequently better understood. You and the others who have taken on this monumental task of bringing the problem forward into the “light of day” with the hope of finding an eventual cure are to be given the highest praise. Most folks simply don’t have the gumption to carry through like you! Kay and I are off to the VA this morning for appointments with doctors who don’t have a clue about this disease. Based on current visibility of both diseases (TN & AD) that is understandable but it sure makes it difficult for the victims. Both of us were delighted to make the small contribution we did to aid your efforts in moving towards your desired end state of an eventual cure. If there is anything else we might be of help with please call.


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